sitejet Accessibility

The team at sitejet monitors and reviews the website for accessibility on an ongoing basis. Our goal is to provide a website experience designed to accommodate the needs of all visitors. We utilize the guidance from WCAG 2.1 and we strive to maintain a level A and AA compliance level. WCAG is an organization that sets standards for website accessibility.

ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliance is an area that we assist other clients in achieving and what we find on a routine basis is most websites are doing the best they can to maintain a site experience to be enjoyed by all visitors, but changes are put in place on the website on a daily basis which threatens the compliance maintenance. Our team performs scans and performs manual reviews twice monthly to ensure all new website changes are aligned with our site experience standards.

While we strive to identify experience issues on the website, we appreciate it when a visitor to our website provides feedback on an issue they encounter. If you encounter an issue we have a dedicated email inbox that is monitored daily to address the issues quickly. Please feel free to email any concerns to [email protected]



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